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Photographer: Félix (Bidon, Fernand).

Title: untitled (Marrakech, vie quotidienne).

Date: circa 1930.

Country: Morocco.

Medium: unmounted gelatin silver print

Size: 12,9 x 17,8 cm.

Condition: good.

Reference: FFBI1007/1.

Provenance: British collection.

Extra: numbered in the negative (41.J). Reference number handwritten in pencil on verso (M15169). Fernand Bidon was one of the first resident photographers in Marrakech. He made himself known as a photographer under the patronymic "Félix". Of 1912 at 1963, he lived in the Guéliz district. He did a generous work of inspiration. Félix occasionally worked for the services of the residence, including an order for 17 images of Marrakech showing a peaceful and calm city.In 1920, he tried the color with a series of 12 postcards from Marrakech. In the middle of the years 30, he decided to target a more affluent clientele : he improved the quality of the paper of his postcards and wrote the captions on the back. This collection of shots taken between 1913 and 1936 is published under the name "Éditions d'Art Félix". He lived 50 years in Marrakech where he was buried.



    Félix (Bidon, Fernand)

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