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Photographer: Goldstein, Henri.

Title: untitled (Une femme Makere).

Date: 1949

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Medium: unmounted gelatin silver print.

Size: 18 x 24 cm.

Condition: very good.

Reference: HGI0912/2

Provenance: Belgian collection.

Extra: typed note in French and Dutch, with identification, on verso. Congopresse 22.332/50.

Henri Goldstein (1920 – 2014) was an apprentice at the Belgian press agency Acta from the age of 14. Working in the Congo, he became a renowned photographer of equatorial wildlife. In this capacity, he accompanied American scientific expeditions and exhibited in New York. During the war he was a prisoner of war in Germany, notably in the fortress of Colditz in Saxony, then in the disciplinary camp 1446 Torfwerk in the Himmelmoor near Hamburg, and thus escaped the extermination camps, even though he was Jewish. He returned to Leopoldville in 1947 and became head of the photography department of the colonial information service until the colony unexpectedly gained its independence in 1960. At the end of 1992, he published his memories under the title "Les maillons de la chaîne" (Ed. Dricot).

Goldstein, Henri

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