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Lualwa Figure


Country: DR Congo.

Culture: Lualwa (Balualua, Balwalwa, Lwalu, Lwalwa).

Date: Second half 19th century or early 20th century.

Medium: wood.

Size: h. 52 cm (20 ½ in.).a

Reference: LUAII9/1.

Provenance: ex Hendrik Elias, Brussels.

                            ex Kellim Brown, Ormond Beach, FL (USA).


Extra: An exceptionnal Lualwa figure. The Lualwa (Balualua, Balwalwa, Lwalwa or Lwalu) are a Central African people living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the province of Kasai-Occidental. Lualwa statues are not very common. The figure has the typical Lualwa characteristics, features and morphology. The object was involved in important rituals related to initiation societies and was directly related to the circumcision of children coming of age or fertility cults.


Photo credit: © Jean Godecharle.

Lualwa Figure

3.700,00 €Price
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