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Photographer: Perrot, Edouard.

Title: untitled (Madagascar, salon de coiffure Betsimisaraka).

Date: circa 1900.

Country: Madagascar.

Medium: disbound vintage citrate print.

Size: 16,7 x 11,8 cm.

Condition: very good, with some glue marks on verso.

Reference: EPI1006/1.

Provenance: British collection.

Extra: Edouard Perrot was born in Port-Louis (Mauritius) in 1863, settled in Madagascar as a naturalist, and was also an excellent photographer. He died in Tamatave at the age of 40 on 4 August 1903. His younger brother Benoni Perrot was also born in Mauritius in 1871, and died in Tamatave on 23 September 1897, aged 26. They were the sons of a certain Benoni Pierre Perrot and were established as professional photographers in Tamatave from 1894. Edouard Perrot's pictures are used in the report of Gallieni's trip around Madagascar in the spring of 1898, a report which is due to L. Nevière, and which also contains pictures of A. Maria, E. Prudhomme, and Captain Tralboux. In some journals, such as Le Monde colonial illustré, we find engravings based on photographs by the brothers Perrot. Finally, photographs of the Diego-Suarez cyclone in 1894 and of the military operations of 1895, published in L'Illustration, are signed by Perrot, although it is not known which of the two brothers produced them. 

Perrot, Edouard

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