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Photographer: unknown photographer.

Title: untitled (King of the Bakuba).

Date: circa 1940-1950. 

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Medium: unmounted silver gelatin print on vintage ivory matte photo paper.

Size: 23,3 x 17,1 cm.

Condition: very good.

Reference: UNI1011/1.

Provenance: French collection.

Extra: very rare portrait of Nyimi Mbop Mabinshe maMbeky (Mbop aMabiinc maKyeen/Mbop Mabiinc maMbeky/Kuba Nyim Mbop aMabiinc maKyeen/Bope Mobinji Kena), Kuba king from 1939 until September 1969.

unknown photographer

350,00 €Price
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